Changes to County Transportation


The Cumberland County Commissioners recently appointed rabbittransit as the Share Ride Coordinator for Cumberland County. Based in York, PA, rabbittransit is a multi-county municipal transportation authority which currently oversees shared ride operations in York, Adams, and Northumberland Counties. Previously, the Cumberland County Transportation Department (CCTD) served as the Shared Ride Coordinator for the County.  Under the partnership agreement, CCTD will no longer be a county-based department and will be consolidated into the rabbittransit organization. 

The following frequently asked questions were created to help prepare our customers for the transition.

How will this impact my service?

Clients should notice little to no change in the delivery of shared ride service.  They will gain the addition of Saturday service, which was not previously offered under the County's Transportation Department.

Will I have a new driver?

All CCTD employees were given the option to become rabbittransit employees, so you will see and speak to many of the same people you have before. There is also a chance you will see some new faces when riding the bus. Whether old or new, the drivers that you meet during your travels will uphold the high standard of customer service that you have come to expect from CCTD.

Why did the County make the decision to transition to rabbittransit?

The transition to rabbittransit reduces costs an estimated $250,000 annually, a saving that can be reinvested in the service to keep your fares low in the future. Customers will enjoy the expanded travel opportunities in Cumberland County and beyond with the introduction of Saturday service. Additionally, customers will be able to utilize an automated call back system, rider alert feature, trip reminders and imminent arrival calls that are designed to make sure you reach your destination on time.

How will I schedule rides?

Customers can schedule their rides by calling 1.800.632.9063. The call center hours will expand to 7AM to 7PM.

What will my bus look like?

Cumberland County has transferred ownership of its CCTD buses to rabbittransit.  In the near term, the buses will look exactly the same. Later this year vehicles bearing the rabbittransit logo and branding will be introduced into service in Cumberland County. Those black and white buses will resemble the one in the picture below. 

Will the cost of my trip change?

Riders who have co-pays for their trips will not see changes to these amounts, but should confirm the actual co-pay at the time of trip reservation.