Current and Prior Budgets

Budget documents are available for download and viewing on your personal computer.  Adobe reader must be installed for viewing the following reports.  If you do not currently have Adobe Reader installed on your computer select the Adobe icon below to be linked to the Adobe download website.

2015 Calendar Budget                                   2014-2015 Fiscal Budget
 2014 Calendar Budget.jpg                                                Final Fiscal Cover_Page_1.jpg
Full Document                                                            Full Document
 - 2015 Final Budget (pdf) - 23.3 MB                              - 2014-2015 Budget (pdf)
By Section
 - Introduction (pdf) 
 - County Strategy (pdf)  
 - Budget Function (pdf)  
 - Budget Fund (pdf)  
 - Performance Management (pdf)  
 - Supplementary Information (pdf)
Related Documents
 - 2015 Budget Briefing (pdf)
 - 2011 Strategy Update (pdf)

Prior Year Budget Documents
   Follow the links to explore previous year's budget documents:
      2004 Budget     2005 Budget     2006 Budget     2007 Budget    2008 Budget     
2009 Budget     2010 Budget     2011 Budget     2012 Budget    2013 Budget    2014 Budget