Board of Commissioners

  • Implementing the County's budget
  • Overseeing contracts and expenditures
Governing Body
Under Pennsylvania County Code, the Board of Commissioners is responsible for implementing the County's budget as well as overseeing contracts and expenditures. The Commissioners are the executive governing body for administration of County programs, personnel, property and facilities in order to provide the highest level of service to the citizens of Cumberland County, while also maintaining vigilance with taxpayer dollars.

The most livable community with the most efficient and effective public services in Pennsylvania. 

The Board of Commissioners is comprised of three commissioners elected by County voters to serve concurrent four-year terms. They are assisted by the Chief Clerk and Solicitor.

Barbara B. Cross, Chairman                                             
Jim Hertzler, Vice Chairman
Gary Eichelberger, Secretary                                
Lawrence Thomas, Chief Clerk
Keith O. Brenneman, Solicitor
Jennifer Hipp, Assistant Solicitor

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County Strategy and Budget, view Strategic Plan / Visions (pdf).