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County Assistant - Let Us Help
Cumberland County Offices
1 Courthouse Square Carlisle, PA 17013
Hours: M-F 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Ph: 717.240.6100
Toll Free: 1.888.697.0371
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Adult Probation & Parole 
Main Office
4 East Liberty Avenue
Carlisle, PA 17013

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For general information or questions, please contact our main number listed above. If you know the name of the person you wish to contact, you will find their information in the following directory.

Name Title Email Phone
Wonders, Amy Receptionist 717.240.6255
Koontz, Cyndi Department Clerk 717.240.7824
Connellan, Joanne Department Clerk - DUI Support 717.240.6280
Karper, Tara Department Clerk - Community Corrections Support 717.240.5454
Cornman, Heather Administrative Coordinator 717.240.7780

Collections Enforcement 
Name Title Email Phone
Williamson, Whitni Compliance Officer 717.240.6275
Yost, Christy Compliance Officer 717.240.6260
Miclitis, Lauren Compliance Officer 717.240.7897

Report Writing 
Name Title Email Phone
Pomian, Brian PO - Reports 717.240.5443
Donlevy, Ryan PO - Reports/IP Coordinator 717.240.6262

Institutional Parole 
Name Title Email Phone
Piper, Michael PO II - Institutional Parole 717.240.6261

DUI Unit 
Name Title Email Phone
Galbraith, Nicole PO II - DUI-ARD Coordinator 717.240.7776
Fazenbaker, Nathan PO - EM/DUI-IP 717.240.5382
Williams, Terrance PO - EM/DUI-IP 717.240.5452
Coe, Becky PO - DUI-IP 717.240.5424
Covington, Yolonda PO - DUI Supervision 717.240.5333
Ryan, Tiffany PO II - DUI Supervision 717.240.6317

Day Reporting Center 
Name Title Email Phone
Ford, Thomas PO - DRC 717.240.5422

Treatment Court 
Name Title Email Phone
Chiara, Angie PO - Treatment Court 717.240.5363

Sexual Offenders Unit 
Name Title Email Phone
Ryan, Tiffany PO II - Sexual Offenders 717.240.6317

General Supervision 
Name Title Email Phone
McKenrick, Charles PO III - General Supervision 717.240.6256
Baughman, Philip PO II - Administrative Cases/Sexual Offenders 717.240.6403
Rivera, Jaime PO II - General Supervision 717.240.6494
Colondrillo, Christopher PO - General Supervision 717.240.6516
Fazenbaker, Samantha PO - Out of County Transfers 717.240.5431
Gilfus, William PO - General Supervision 717.240.6264
Gutshall, Nicole PO - General Supervision 717.240.6257
Mason, Michael PO - General Supervision 717.240.7830
Minium, Amy PO - Out of County Transfers 717.240.5353
Rhinehart, Karen PO - General Supervision 717.240.5432
Sheaffer, Christine PO - General Supervision 717.240.5323
Smith, Michael PO - General Supervision 717.240.5324
Sunday, Shannon PO - General Supervision 717.240.5322

Name Title Email Phone
Christlieb, Darby Chief 717.240.6276
Varner, Michael Supervisor 717.240.6277
Miller, Gregory Supervisor 717.240.6278
Houser, Kerry Supervisor 717.240.6283
Bear, Charles Collections Enforcement Manager/Fiscal Manager 717.240.6258