Aging & Community Services


The core focus of our office is to support older adults, adults with disabilities and others who are at risk of losing their independence, to continue living in the community as long as possible. For those who can no longer live safely in their homes, we assist in the transition to the facility-based care by providing a level of care assessment to confirm the need for skilled nursing care. 
Aging and Community Services offer information, opportunities, and services for persons of all ages:
Aging & Community Services is a Government Fiscal/Employer Agent (FEA) providing Financial Management Services (FMS)

More information on help at home:

In-home care is available through Pennsylvania's Aging Waiver, based on eligibility requirements.
For information on Aging and other Waivers:
PA In-Home Supportive Services Waivers
To apply for Pennsylvania Waivers:
PA Independent Enrollment Broker
For information on other supports available:
Other in-home supports
 Also visit the PA Department of Aging Home Page for more information.