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Cumberland County Commissioners Request Audit of Capital Area Transit (CAT)
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In January 2017, the Cumberland County Commissioners were briefed on CAT’s executive pension plan and the participation in both pensions by only the most senior members of CAT’s management team. These and other questionable practices prompted a request to the Auditor General for a special audit of Capital Area Transit.

CAT has, in recent years, experienced unusually high declines in ridership for this region, further increases in CAT’s already exceptionally high costs, and poor service. A far more cost effective solution exists in the form of York based rabbittransit. Through the Central Pennsylvania Transit Authority, rabbittransit currently provides fixed route services to York and Adams, and shared ride services to seven counties, including Cumberland.

Regionalization would bring significant savings through economies of scale in all of PennDOT’s scenarios for the regionalization of public transit in South Central Pennsylvania. For example, approximately $6.5 million of local (county and City of Harrisburg) subsidy would be saved just in the first five years in a regionalization arrangement between CAT and rabbittransit. 
March 29, 2017:
Patriot News Editorial:  A better deal for strap-hangers - CAT & rabbittransit should combine forces 

Commissioners' Statement on Fixed Route Bus Services for Commuters 3.30.2017
Press Release: Commissioners Cite Mounting Cost of CAT's Mismanagement 3.28.2017
Press Release: CAT's Engagement with McDonald Transit Associates 3.28.2017

Fact Sheet CAT's Mismanagement 3.28.2017
Primer issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation of the South Central Pennsylvania Transit Regionalization Study 3.28.2017

March 8, 2017:
Press Release: Cumberland County Officials Slam Generous CAT Pension Practices Amid Failing Service 3.8.2017
Letter to Auditor General DePasquale
Cumberland County Commissioner Joint Statement 3.8.2017
Central Penn Business Journal
ABC 27 News

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Both fixed route and shared ride transit services are available in Cumberland County.  Learn more and get on the move in Cumberland County!