Claremont serves Cumberland County residents and other persons who need and qualify for nursing home and short-term rehab services. To start your application process please fill out the admissions application forms below and contact us! 

Insurances Accepted:

CNRC accepts individuals with:

  • Medical Assistance
  • Medicare
  • Veterans Administration Benefits
  • Managed Medicare
  • Commercial Health Insurance
  • Private Resources

Rate Schedule

Effective January 1, 2018, our daily room rate, includes room and board, nursing care services, individualized dietary services, incontinence supplies, clothing name labels, and personal-laundry service. View our rate schedule for pricing information.

Admission Application

Complete the Admission Application (pdf) for admission to the nursing home. In addition to the Admissions' Application the following forms will need to be completed:

More Information:

Contact the Admissions Coordinator at 717.240.1963 for more information. We also have personnel available seven days a week to provide a tour. You may also email the Admissions team.

Admission Survey

Let us know how you came to select us. Take our short survey online or complete our printable PDF and return it to our Admissions team.

Options Assessment

When you make application to a nursing home, it is important that you also contact the Area Agency on Aging in the county in which the applicant currently lives.

If an individual has less than $15,000 in total liquid assets, you need to pursue this assessment so as not to delay nursing home admission. The applicant must have an Options Assessment completed by their county Area Agency on Aging. Contact the Area Agency on Aging and tell them you are completing a nursing home application, request that they begin the Options Assessment program.