Spiritual Care

The Chaplain at Claremont Nursing and Rehabilitation Center serves as the director of pastoral care. He oversees, conducts and directs the spiritual programs and pastoral care provided to the residents, their families and staff, of all faiths.  He is in the building every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  The office of the Chaplain is located at the rear of the Chapel on the ground level.

Spiritual Programs

The community churches in Cumberland County are actively involved with assisting in providing spiritual programs on Sunday afternoon and special events during the week. The Chaplain and a volunteer staff conduct room visitation and weekly devotions on each floor.

Worship Services

Sunday 2 pm in the multi-purpose room, ground level.


  • Monday 10 am - C-Wing Devotions in the Day Room
  • Tuesday 10 am - Second Floor Devotions in the Day Room
  • Tuesday 10:30 am - Catholic Rosary in the Chapel
  • Tuesday 1:30 pm - Heritage Harbor Devotions
  • Tuesday 4:00 pm – Rehab Floor in the Day Room
  • Wednesday 10 am - Third Floor Devotions in the Day Room
  • Thursday 10 am - First Floor Devotions in the Day Room

Catholic Mass and Visitation

There is a monthly Catholic Mass conducted by a priest from the St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Carlisle. Lay ministers from St Patrick's are in our building weekly to provide room to room communion, visitation and to conduct the Rosary.

Meditation Room

The recently developed Meditation room is a designated private place of meditation and prayer. It is located adjacent to the chapel and is open daily to residents, staff and families.

If you would like to become part of our caregiver team as a volunteer, please contact Chaplain Tim Wagoner (717-240-1978)