Social Services

The Social Service staff at Claremont is composed of professionals working as part of a team with other facility staff to provide comprehensive care to our residents.  The Social Workers are involved from the time of a resident's admission and continue involvement throughout his/her stay.  With that involvement, the Social Workers provide ongoing support for adjustment to long term care; assistance as a referral source for support services provided by the facility or in the community; involvement as a contact and support person for residents and family members dealing with changes related to placement in a nursing and rehabilitation facility.  

We recognize the very individualized needs of all of the residents and provide our services with that in mind.  Our Social Workers strive to assure that a resident's stay at Claremont is comfortable, pleasant and safe.   

As advocates for the residents, Social Services aims to make residence at Claremont a positive experience emphasizing his/her strengths and providing assistance and support for limitations throughout the stay.  

More Information
For more information please contact our Director of Social Services.