Jury Service

Trial by jury is a fundamental part of the American system of justice, and is a right guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Pennsylvania. To preserve this right it is essential that the court establish and maintain a well-functioning system for the selection and utilization of jurors.

Cumberland County utilizes the 1 WEEK/MULTI-TRIAL system of jury service. Under this system a person called to jury duty serves for the entire week and may serve on multiple trials.

The citizens of Cumberland County can take pride in having 1 of the most modern jury systems operating in Pennsylvania. When you have completed your service as a juror, it is hoped you will have a higher opinion of the privilege enjoyed by the free citizens of our country to participate in the administration of justice. In serving as a juror, you know that you have discharged a serious responsibility in a conscientious manner.

"Citizens of the United States have enjoyed for over 200 years the right to have their cases decided by a jury of their peers. Jury service is not merely your responsibility - it is also a cherished right."

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Trial dates for deferral requests:
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