Inmate Mail

Rules & Regulations
Incoming mail must have a return address. Incoming mail without a return address will be opened, checked for contraband and placed in the inmate's property box until the inmate is released from the facility. All incoming non-legal mail will be opened and inspected for contraband without the inmate being present and will be stamped with the date received. Any money orders received will be placed on the inmate's account and the inmate will be given a receipt.

Legal mail will be delivered to the housing unit, opened by a staff member in the presence of the inmate, checked for contraband and signed for by the inmate. Legal mail can be from government officials, attorneys, court officials or certified mail. Outgoing mail is logged and date stamped. Outgoing mail must have a return address including the inmate's name and facility address. All inmate mail may be inspected for contraband during a search. All inmate mail may be inspected and screened if probable cause of criminal activity exists. Correspondence will be censored if it appears evident that the material is a type which has or may cause violence or other disruption of the facility's security.