Public Safety Divisions

Public Safety Communications Operations Division

The Public Safety Communications Division is subdivided to include:
  • Public Safety Radio Communications Systems
  • 9-1-1 Emergency Telephone
  • Information Technology Systems
  • Ensure the efficient and effective operations of the Communications Center
  • Maintain the functionality and reliability of the Public Safety Radio System
  • Provide the most reliable access to public safety services for the residents

Management Team

The duties of the managers include:
  • Coordination and management of user agencies and ECC Operations
  • Development and administration of various communications support systems and programs
  • Internal organization
  • Administration of staff development practices

Emergency Management Operations Division

Operations Manager
Coordinates and conducts the planning, organizing, and development of Emergency Management Programs.

Hazardous Materials Planning Coordinator

Coordinates the development of emergency operations plans for government-coordinated emergency response to releases of hazardous materials and transportation emergencies.

Emergency Management Resources Coordinator
Directs the development of local capabilities to plan for and respond to disaster emergencies. This person serves as the primary point of contact to the volunteer first responder organizations and its members.