Tax Claims Bureau

Mission Statement:
To serve the taxing authorities of Cumberland County by the collection and timely distribution of delinquent real estate taxes, which would enable them to use their tax revenue to the fullest.

The Tax Claims Bureau is located on the first floor of the Old Courthouse.

  • The Tax Claim Bureau operates under the Real Estate Tax Sale Law, Act 542 of 1947, as amended.
  • All unpaid real estate taxes are liened into the Tax Claim Bureau by January 15th each year
  • The Tax Claim Bureau bills and collects all delinquent real estate taxes, interests and costs.
  • The Tax Claim Bureau collects all Clean and Green rollback taxes, interests and costs on properties in violation of Clean and Green Agreements.
  • After 18 months of delinquency, the Tax Claim Bureau will begin the tax sale process.