Administration & Finance

  1. Archives

    Find archival records information from various County offices.

  2. Board of Commissioners

    Under Pennsylvania County Code, the Board of Commissioners is responsible for implementing the county's budget as well as overseeing contracts and expenditures.

  3. Bureau of Elections

    Find election dates and candidate and voter information.

  4. Communications Office

  5. Controller

    View information about the fiscal affairs of the County.

  6. Enterprise Resource Planning

    View information about Lawson, security, and committees of ERP.

  7. Facilities Management

    Learn about the services and responsibilities provided for County facilities.

  8. Finance / Purchasing

    View responsibilities of the financial management department.

  9. Geographic Information Systems

  10. Human Resources

    Find career opportunities and view resources for current employees.

  11. Information Management Technology Office

    Find information about County technology.

  12. Open Records Office

  13. Property Assessment

  14. Recorder of Deeds

    View permanent public records from 1750 to today.

  15. Tax Claims Bureau

  16. Treasurer

    View information about licenses and hotel taxes.