Health & Human Services

  1. Aging & Community Services

    Find resources for persons of all ages, especially those over the age of 60 and/or with disabilities.

  2. Children & Youth Services

    Find out how this office protects and advocates for the children and youth in our community.

  3. Claremont Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

    Find information about visiting hours and the community of care offered.

  4. Commission for Women

    The Cumberland County Commission for Women (CCCW) seeks to increase opportunities for Cumberland County women and girls by identifying and promoting awareness of pertinent issues.

  5. Cumberland Link

    Find resources on aging and disabilities.

  6. Drug & Alcohol Commission

    Find resources for publicly-funded substance abuse services.

  7. Library System

  8. Mental Health, Intellectual & Develop. Dis.

    Find resources for those with persistent mental illnesses or intellectual & developmental disabilities.

  9. Recycling & Waste

    Learn about the services provided through the Recycling and Waste Division.

  10. Transportation

    Find out how to sign up for transportation to health services.

  11. Vector Control / Weights & Measures

    Find out how the County controls pests and measuring devices.

  12. Veterans' Affairs

    Obtain information about Veteran's benefits.