Main Administration

Director of Public Safety
The Director of Public Safety organizes and directs the efforts the Department of Public Safety.  The Director’s staff is comprised of a Deputy Director, a Fiscal Coordinator and two Administrative Coordinators.  The Director is the primary point of contact for citizens, government and administrative inquiries.
Deputy Director
The position of Deputy Director is the Senior Staff position for both Divisions of the Department. The Deputy Director is responsible for the coordination and management of the 9-1-1 and Public Safety Radio Communications System with two Senior Managers directly involved in the day to day operations of the center and its systems. The Deputy Director is also responsible for the coordination and management of the emergency management program with Operations Coordinators directly involved in day to day planning and response operations and activities.
Fiscal Coordinator
The position of Fiscal Coordinator is responsible for the coordination of all financial and administrative duties of the Department of Public Safety. This position is the primary point for fiscal management and is responsible for the development and maintenance of the budget, expense and revenue account management and other fiscal reports required by finance and ERP system administrations.
Administrative Coordinators
These positions coordinate and provide the administrative support to the daily operations, duties and functions of the staff of the Department. The duties are divided so that a coordinator is responsible for the creation and management of various information management documents, databases, websites and other media sources.  A second coordinator is assigned the responsibilities of Public Information, Media Relations and social networks.