Public Safety Communications Operations Division

The responsibility of the Public Safety Communications Operations Division is to ensure the efficient and effective operations of the Communications Center; to maintain the functionality and reliability of the Public Safety Radio System and to provide the most reliable access to public safety services for the residents, traveling public and emergency responders by way of the both landline and wireless
9-1-1 telephone systems.

The Harris 800 MHz Digital trunked system consists of 16 Radio Sites (6 sites are multi-channel high profile and 11 sites are single channel coverage sites).  The entire system is capable of 1000 functional talk groups that enable us to provide not only operational talk groups but private ones as well.

The Public Safety Radio Communications System has a management team consisting of Senior Managers (2), Managers (2) and Shift Supervisors (4).  The Managers duties include coordination and management of user agencies and ECC Operations, the development and administration of various county, state and federal infrastructure systems and programs.  Their duties also include the internal organization and administration of staff development and best practices implementation that must be in compliance with performance standards, training standards and governance.

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