Emergency Management Operations Division

The Emergency Management Operations Division has the requirement to activate and maintain the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in a state of operational readiness at all times.  The Division must also keep operational technology current to support the volumes of operational plans, agreements and Standard Operational Guidelines and Procedures related to disaster field operations.

Emergency Operations Manager

This position in the Emergency Management Division coordinates and conducts the planning, organizing and development of Emergency Management Programs such as: the Emergency Operations Plan including its functional annexes, standard operating guidelines or procedures, checklists and other event specific operational plans. This position also must insure the delivery of each of those programs are in accordance with and satisfy the requirements of the county, state and federal agencies. This position will be the Chief of Operations in the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) upon activation and staffing.

Planning Coordinator

This position in the emergency management division coordinates the development of emergency operations plans for government coordinated emergency response to releases of hazardous materials at facility and transportation emergencies.
  This position also coordinates the staff activities associated with the Public Risk and Hazard Planning requirements of the division.  This position provides direct staff support to the appointed  Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) and its community preparedness risk planning, Community Right to Know limitations and emergency response programs.  The Planning Coordinator is required to provide technical expertise in risk and hazard emergency management planning to local governments, public and private facilities in an effort to mitigate the impact of a release of hazardous material or a risk to the public health.

​Logistics Coordinator
The coordinator directs the development of local capabilities to plan for and respond to disaster emergencies, making use of all public, private, faith-based and nongovernmental resources available.  This position prepares and maintains a listing of all public and private resources that are available within the county which could be utilized in time of an emergency or disaster.  The Resources Coordinator serves as the primary point of contact to the volunteer first responder organizations and its members.