Cumberland County - Status Report

County Workload Information
These pages provide indicators of workload (demand for services) for each County department and office using 2009 and prior data.  It represents only part of the workload and complexity of County operations.  In many instances, only one of several possible measures has been shown. No attempt is made to show relative difficulty, seriousness, resource use, complexity, outcomes, or other factors. Rather, the data is provided to give a sense of demand for County services over time in an understandable format.  
Cumberland County Government performs three essential functions:
Supports the civil and criminal justice system and public safety (Law and order)
Provides assistance to citizens and families (Human Services)
Provides various legal, administrative, and quality of life services to the public (Public Services)
In terms of impact on the General Fund (local taxpayers), these functions consume the following approximate percentages.  Note the shifts in funding from 2006 to 2009.
 2008   2007 2006
Law and Order
74% 73% 70%
   - Public Safety (pdf)

   - Criminal Justice (pdf)
   - Civil Justice (pdf)
Human Services (pdf)
18%   18%  20%
Public Services (pdf)
 8% 9%  10%
To find out more about each of these categories and 2009 workload for each, click on the category.