Rate Schedule

The rates listed are effective January 1, 2018.

Room Rates

Private and Semi-Private Rooms

The daily room rate includes room and board, nursing care services, individualized dietary services, incontinence supplies, clothing name labels and personal laundry service. Room rates are charged on day of admission and up to and including day of discharge.

Floors 1-3 in the Tower Building$310 per day
C Wing$330 per day
Heritage Harbor (Dementia Unit)$340 per day
Transitions at Claremont (Rehab Unit)$345 per day
Bed Hold (during Hospitalization or Leave or AbsenceDaily Room Rate
Private and Semi-Private Room Rates

Medicare Part A Co-Insurance (Days 21-100)$167.50
Medicare Part B Physical/Speech Therapy Combined Cap$2,010.00
Medicare Part B Occupational Therapy Cap$2,010.00

Pharmacy services, rehabilitation services, ambulance services, and specialty equipment charges are based on actual charges by the providers.

Other Services


Cable Television$10

Hair & Grooming Service

Medical Assistance Residents are permitted, at no additional cost, one haircut per month, which may include a shampoo with set or style. Grooming services for men, which include shampoo and shave, are offered by Nursing personnel and are provided at no additional charge.

Hair Cut, Women
$ 11.00
Hair Cut, Men
$ 8.00
Shampoo with Set or Style
Permanent with Set or Style
Hair Color
Highlight - one color
Hair and Grooming Service Fees

Guest Meals

Request at the nursing station and payable in cash at the time requested. Guest Meals are not available on the Transitions Unit.

Guest Meal Fees


Non-emergency, medically necessary transportation provided by the nursing facility to physician appointments within 35 miles - no charge. All other transportation is billed at the vendor rate.