School Referrals on Youth Age 13 and Older

Any child who has attained the age of 13 who fails to comply with the compulsory attendance requirements and is habitually truant should be referred to the magisterial district justice office for scheduling proceedings and administering penalties as necessary as per the school code.

CCC&YS may evaluate school referrals on youth over age 13 due to truancy or unlawful absence.  
Acceptance of age 13 and older referrals will be strictly on a case by case basis.  The school contact person should refer the youth with a School Request for Service form.   The same information requested for children under age 13 is required to be submitted along with the request for service for children 13 years of age or older.

These referrals will be reviewed by the supervisor for acceptance.  For referrals not accepted CCC&YS will provide the school with information as to what resources in the community are available to these students and their families.

If the referral is accepted the case will be assigned to a Truancy In-Home Services caseworker who will complete a family assessment and plan with the school and family for any needed services.  The family assessment will include a joint conference with identified school personnel.  If, after all other resources and services have been exhausted, the child continues to be truant from school; the Agency will have the option of filing a petition with the Juvenile Court and arranging for a hearing.  Appropriate school personnel will be expected to be present at the Juvenile Court hearing.   The caseworker will be responsible for scheduling school conferences and hiring new staff.  The school may request a staffing or conference on any referral.

There is no established end date for the acceptance of referrals.  However, it should be noted that acceptance of referrals may be suspended at any point in the year that caseworker caseloads are at a maximum level.  If this should happen, a waiting list will be established.   Children under 13 years of age will have priority placement on the waiting list.