What Taxes Do I Pay in Cumberland County

Property Assessment has the following forms available. All forms are PDFS and require Acrobat Reader to view and download.

Real Estate Taxes
Real Estate Taxes (PDF) - Real Estate – All real estate property in Cumberland County is assessed at 100% of the 2010-year value. The real estate is levied by all School Districts, most Municipalities, and the County. The county real estate tax includes 0.143 mills (.000143) for the support of County libraries. A mill is a way to express tax rate. One mill equals one thousandth of a dollar. One mill is expressed as 1. The tax is computed by multiplying the millage rate set by the taxing body times the assessed value of the property.

Personal Taxes
Personal Taxes (PDF) - This is a flat tax levied upon each person 18 years of age and over living in the County. It is levied by the townships of East Pennsboro, Hampden, North Middleton, Silver Spring,  the Borough of Mechanicsburg and Big Spring, Camp Hill, Shippensburg and West Shore School Districts. As of 1-1-2014 Cumberland County no longer imposes a Per Capita Tax. Ordinance 2013-4 - Abolishment of Per Capita Tax (PDF).

Earned Income/Local Services Tax
Earned Income/Local Services Tax (PDF) - The Local Tax Enabling Act authorizes Local Earned Income Taxes (EIT) for municipalities and school districts. This tax is 0.5% of your earned income for the municipality and between .9% and 1.5% for the school district in which you reside.

Act 7 of 2007 amended the Local Tax Enabling Act, Act 511 of 1965, to permit
municipalities and school district to impose, on persons employed within the
jurisdiction, a combined Local Services Tax (LST) of up to a maximum of $52 a year.