Alcohol Evaluation/Treatment Requirements

EVERY Cumberland County DUI defendant MUST obtain an ALCOHOL EVALUATION from a licensed drug or alcohol agency of his/her choice.

 If your ALCOHOL EVALUATION results indicate you are not in need of further alcohol counseling, have your agency send a WRITTEN NOTICE to the Probation Office that you have completed your evaluation and that no further counseling is being recommended.

If your ALCOHOL EVALUATION results in a recommendation for further counseling, treatment, individual counseling, in-patient treatment, group counseling, or any other type of follow-up services, you must, enter into the recommended program and remain until receiving a written successful discharge. Upon successfully completing treatment, have your agency send the Probation Department a copy of your discharge; upon receipt of your discharge you will then have completed the Court's requirement concerning alcohol evaluations/counseling. In order to successfully complete the ARD/DUI Program, or to complete parole, your probation department file must contain either (1) an alcohol evaluation that does not recommend further alcohol counseling, or (2) a written successful discharge from outpatient alcohol counseling.

Cumberland County DUI defendants attend the mandatory DUI School, and many take a CRN questionnaire during the school...the CRN IS NOT an alcohol evaluation.

You are responsible to pay for alcohol evaluations and any follow-up services that may be recommended. Your personal health insurance may assist you concerning this debt. Most alcohol service agencies will not provide evaluation results or discharge reports until you have paid the agency for their services.

Please have all reports sent to the attention of the assigned Probation/Parole Officer (if known) at the following address or fax:
Cumberland County Adult Probation and Parole
4 E. Liberty Avenue
Carlisle, PA 17013
Fax: 717.240.6480
Licensed Drug and Alcohol Treatment Agencies in the Cumberland County Area