Specialized Dementia Care

Heritage Harbor at Claremont
Our mission
To provide and foster a holistic (medical, social, and emotional support) environment in a manner that promotes dignity, independence and well-being while also providing an atmosphere of comfort for individuals with persistent cognitive impairments.

At Heritage Harbor, we understand that when your loved one needs a higher level of care it is difficult.  We are here to help make the process as easy and stress free as possible.

Dementia can be a frustrating disease for both you and your loved one.  Having your loved one live in our community, you can feel confident that they will receive assistance in the areas where they need daily help.   This will allow you to enjoy spending time with them and not have to worry about their safety.

There is no way of knowing what route your loved one will take in this disease.  There are many factors involved with the progression, so that there is no way to tell if it will be slow or rapid.  Each person takes their own journey through the disease process.  We are here to help make the journey as safe and comforting as possible for the resident and their family.

Below you will find information about Heritage Harbor, including general policies, recreational activity information, and how to apply for admission.

General Policies
These policies guide the programming in Heritage Harbor.
  • Residents eligible for admission will have a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease or other dementia-related diagnosis
  • Heritage Harbor is a secured unit, which provides the resident with maximum safety
  • Programs will provide a daily structured, consistent routine which allows for flexibility.  We are committed to daily activity programs which involve all disciplines and which meet the individual resident needs.
  • Self-care will be encouraged by staff.  As needed, tasks will be broken into manageable steps and then staff will assist only as needed.  This will promote independence and self-esteem.  If a resident is incapable of completing a task, the nursing staff will ensure that care needs are met.
Recreational Activities
Our Activity Department goal is to provide each resident with the opportunity to participate in an activity which represents their needs, preferences and adaptations to their abilities.  We use a holistic approach with our residents.  We provide activities on all levels (spiritual, physical, creative, educational and social).

Rehabilitation Therapy
Upon admission, your loved one will be assessed for Physical, Occupational, Speech therapy needs, to ensure that they are at their highest functioning level.  This process will promote their independence and their safety.  Our staff will continue to monitor each resident for any signs of decline in their function and refer them for therapy services as needed.

Admission Process
If you feel that your loved one would benefit from the programming we provide on Heritage Harbor, please visit the Admissions section of this Website to start the multiple step admission process.

In order to ensure that all residents on Heritage Harbor are benefiting from the specialized programming, we may require a face-face evaluation in your loved ones' home prior to admission.  After the home evaluation, our Interdisciplinary Team will meet to discuss whether or not your loved one would truly benefit from this setting.  Once accepted, your loved one would either be ready for admission or placed on a waiting list (depending on unit capacity)