Energy Star Certification of New Courthouse

A New Era in Energy Savings

Cumberland County is one of 23 Government Courthouses in the United States &
the only Courthouse in Pennsylvania to receive the EPA Energy Star Award in 2018.

More than 4 million energy dollars have been saved over the last 13 years due to the efforts of our Facilities Management team.

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The History

Late in 2004 our Director of Facilities Management and County Administrator began an innovative conversation that revolved around energy saving upgrades. Consequently, in April 2005 Constellation Energy Projects & Services was awarded a contract for $1.9 million.

Through continued daily efforts between Constellation Energy and the Director of Facilities Management, the County was able to replace equipment that had surpassed its useful lifespan with new energy efficient equipment.

Within 7 years the County received a complete payback of the initial investment. Going forward, the County continues to reap 100% of the monetary benefits through the energy management system.

9 Gas Hot Water Heater
12 Dual Fuel Burner

Saving energy has become a way of life for the Facilities Management team of Cumberland County.

Project Components

  • Replacement of the boiler at the New Courthouse, Old Courthouse and Old Jail
  • Replacement of the cooling tower at the New Courthouse
  • Installation of energy efficient lights
  • Installation of energy motion sensors on vending machines
  • Initiation of water management via low flow spigots and toilets
  • Replacement of hot water usage with an ozone system for laundry at the Claremont Nursing & Rehabilitation Center and County Prison
  • Installation of an energy management system which provides remote computer access to the County’s HVAC systems
  • The County’s Facilities Management Office continues to upgrade lighting to LED’s and monitors all energy savings measures to achieve annual cost savings along with available rebates.
John 2016 Energy Star Award 4.5x6
1 LED Energy Saving Lighting at Cumberland County Courthouse
8 Incandescent vs. CFL and T8 Lighting
13 Vending Machine Motion Sensor

What does it all mean?

The installation of energy efficient lighting and vending machines; low flow water faucets and commodes; recycling programs; and several other initiatives have lowered the courthouse’s greenhouse emissions. The reduction is the equivalent of removing 300 passenger cars from the road per year for the last 13 years. This program has also provided cost savings for the County. Last year, Facilities Management was able to save the County more than$350,000 in energy costs.

Our guaranteed energy savings, for year 13 was expected to be $298,625. However, Cumberland County exceeded the projected amount, with an actual savings of $360,551. That’s a savings of 21% beyond what was expected!

Cumberland County Commissioners remain committed to maintaining energy efficiency as a priority utilizing energy savings measures in all County-owned facilities. 

Our total Energy Savings after 13 years is over $4 million!

Additional Information

For more facts and data on energy initiatives, please see the United Stated Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star Certified Buildings and Plants page.

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