Construction, Renovation and Building Maintenance Division

The Construction, Renovation and Building Maintenance division of Facilities Management saves the County thousands of dollars each year.  Acquiring materials at a reduced cost through compliant purchasing networks or consortiums is one area of savings. Additional savings are realized in project and time management. Our crew is able to adapt its schedule to allow for minimal interference or disruption of County operations. 

From 2010 to the end of 2011 the County’s crew played a key role in the office moves and renovations required for the state mandated addition of Courtroom 6. More recently, attention has been directed to changes and security improvements required at the magisterial district court offices. Renovations have been dictated by the need to accommodate an ever growing case load in the local courts. The County received grant money for a large part of the district court projects. However, Facilities Management has been instrumental in maximizing the use of these funds. 

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