From our residents and their families

Dear Staff, (Angels)
On behalf of Mary Teter's family, we would like very much to thank the entire staff.  We came to you with a very sad situation and you responded with skill, compassion and extreme kindness.
We will forever be in your debt and can't thank you enough.  We cannot think of any more meaningful work than you do every day.
Thank you for all the things you did for our mother and wife -and us.  And, thank you for all the love and kindness you shared.

This morning I attended the funeral of an elderly lady who I have known my entire life. The last I saw her was at the funeral of another family member four years ago. I did not realize until I read her obituary that she was a resident in Heritage Harbor. Had I known (and how could I have known?) I would have visited her there since my wife Sharon is a resident of Claremont presently in Transitions and I am in the building almost every day.

In any case, when I mentioned this to the family of the deceased, they each began in turn to sing the praises of Claremont. They said many of the same things that I have been saying, that the staff, from top to bottom, is deeply compassionate and caring, that the nursing care is top notch, that administration is promptly and graciously responsive to concerns, that the facility is spotlessly clean and odor free. They also said that although they could not be at her side, they know that their mother died surrounded by love.

The experience that Sharon and I have shared and are sharing at Claremont is matched and affirmed by the experience of this bereaved family. 
We thank all of you at Claremont for your professional competence, your personal compassion and dedication, and your devotion to the complete well being of the people in your care. 

God bless you.
 B. Penrose Hoover


Great!! Great!! Great!!!

My wife was a resident for two years. I have been there four times as a resident for short term rehab. I have some knowledge about other facilities, Claremont is the best, from top to bottom. I am very much involved with the activity department as a volunteer for the past five years. They work very hard to provide an enjoyable experience for the residents. Try Claremont, I know you will appreciate the wonderful care as we did.


I would like to let you know what a great experience I had at Transitions.  Everyone was so nice, from Housekeeping to the doctor.  They all made my stay very comfortable.  When I called for a nurse, they were there within a few minutes and took care of my concerns at that time. 

I can't say enough about the food.  It was very close to home cooking.  I tell everyone, if they need rehab, Transitions is the place to go.  Thank you for everything.


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Thank You

Hello.  I'm 93 years young and have been a resident a little over a year at Claremont...I know I cannot stay at home like I would like as I need a little help getting dressed...plus I fall frequently.  This is my home now and the nursing staff and my aides have been so good to me and I'm very happy to be part of this family. There is never a dull moment.  I have a choice of playing bingo, doing crafts, going to the Jam Session on Mondays, watching movies, going out to eat at local restaurants, sitting and visiting with other residents.   I even go down to Heritage Harbor to visit...

I am a volunteer on the Food Committee and we tell the girls what foods we like and don't like and they really appreciate our suggestions.   They change what they can to make us all happy...

When the weather is nice and warm I like to be outside on the patio where they serve slushies and sometimes ice cream.

Our rooms are cleaned 7 days a week and the halls only have carts with supplies or the medicine cabinets (carts).  No cluttering in our halls.

It doesn't matter which hall you are in or if you are outside, everyone is friendly and they all know you by your first name.  My daughter says it is a relief to her to know I am happy where I'm at and that I am very well taken care of.  The staff always calls her to let her know if there is a change in medications or if I'm having a change in any health issues.

I would like to say Thank You for your help and support.

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From September 20XX until January 20XX, I was admitted to Claremont Rehabilitation Center for therapy following surgery on my ankle.

I found the time there to be very professional and enjoyable.  The staff was very professional, courteous and helpful.  I also found the facility to be extremely clean at all times.  I had the opportunity to make friends with some of the other residents and I continue to be in contact with them upon discharge.

I can only say thank you to everyone who took the time to assist me to get back on my feet.

With respect — S

Immediately following my operation to repair my broken ankle, I spent several weeks rehab at Claremont. I can’t say, and praise enough, how I was treated by everyone. Everyone,  from house services, the floor staff, the social workers and especially the people in the  rehabilitation area were extremely conscientious about treating everyone in a helpful and courteous manner. All the people I have encountered at Claremont exude politeness and respect for each and every patient. I wish I were a wealthy person; I would donate as much as possible to this wonderful facility.

Keith Rocke

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My name is Patricia T. I am a retired R. N.  In May 2005 & April 2014, I had hip replacement surgery at Holy Spirit Hospital.  For my Physical rehabilitation, I chose Claremont Nursing and Rehab Center.  Each admission I stayed for a period of 17-20 days.  First of all, the nursing care was professional and excellent.  I received physical therapy twice each day.  The therapists were informative and very good at what they do.  With the therapists help, I was able to walk with a cane by the end of my stay and discharge home.  I recommend Claremont Nursing and Rehab Center to everyone for their professionalism and quality of care.

Just wanted to pass along that I spoke with Pat Curran, the niece of a resident, about some billing questions. While we were talking she stated that despite our “2 star rating” she said she is impressed with the care here as is evidenced by the visitor logs. She said every time she has visited there are pages and pages to the visitor book which she feels shows that people care coming here to visit and the home is not stopping people from coming. Where her aunt was previously nobody wanted to visit there. She said it doesn’t matter if you have a fancy name or try to make it look like a fancy facility, if resident’s don’t like it there and visitors don’t want to come then they won’t bother. She is happy with the care here and is thankful for our service to her aunt and looks forward to coming here when she is able because of the staff and environment we provide. She added that there is no smell, very clean and staff is always, always right there to help with the residents or answer questions for visitors and families
— Carrie Wenzel, Billing Analyst

Dear Ms. Carrie: I wanted to thank Claremont Nurses, Aides, Staff and you and the Social Worker from Claremont for all the kindness and love you showed Donald and me in the time he was with you. Such an outpouring of love made me feel so safe leaving him in the care of your facility. You all are angels and I will treasure the time that Donald spent with you, and am so honored you were able to accept him and took care of him, he has gone to heaven, where he will not suffer anymore and I know he left happy thanks to all you caring for him. If I owe for today as I am not sure how the billing goes please contact me and I will pay it immediately.
— Vivian Brannen for Donald Wetzler

My mother resides in Heritage Harbor, Claremont's impressive, secure, specialized dementia care neighborhood. I am consistently impressed with Mom's home environment, in a beautiful living space. Yet, I am most impressed with the staff's daily compassionate attention to my mother's needs, and the constant skilled care that is delivered with respect and dignity to all who live there. I am abundantly thankful my mom lives at Claremont.
— S.D.

From a grateful family to our third floor staff:

My husband and I would like to express our gratitude to the caring staff on the third floor of your facility.[My husband's] mother was ...only there a week but in that short time, the staff was fabulous. They were especially caring during the night while [she] was preparing to go to a better place.

Most often people call or write to complain, we feel it is fitting to offer praise. Please pass on our thanks to the staff of all three shifts. Since she was only there for a week, we really didn’t get to know anyone in particular. Just know that they all did a fabulous job. Thank you.