1. About Cumberland County

    1. County Facts

    2. County Publications & Reports

      Review publications and reports published by the county.

    3. Cumberland County Flag

    4. History Time Line of Cumberland County

    5. History of the Old Courthouse

    6. Municipalities

      A listing of municipalities in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

  2. Living

    Discover what the county has to offer its citizens.

    1. Agriculture & Land

      Find out about the programs run by the Agriculture and Land Division in Cumberland County.

    2. County Elected Officials

      Meet your County Elected Officials.

    3. Dog License Information

      Learn about the processes and requirements for getting your furry friend licensed in the county.

    4. Health & Human Services

      Discover the services available from Cumberland County's Health and Human Services Department.

    5. Housing & Redevelopment Authority

      The mission of the Housing and Redevelopment Authority of Cumberland County is to create quality, affordable, housing and sustainable development opportunities which revitalize and strengthen our communities.

    6. Library

      Cumberland County Library System (CCLS) leads the way in the delivery and support of Cumberland County's public library services.

    7. Outdoors & Sportsman

      Stay active with this information from outdoors and sporting enthusiasts in the county.

    8. Passports

      Understand the requirements for obtaining a passport through Cumberland County.

    9. School Districts

      Find contact information for schools within the county.

    10. Taxes

      Get information about county taxes from the divisions of the Tax Department.

    11. Voting & Elections

      Discover helpful online resources dedicated to helping voters in Cumberland County.

    12. Waste & Recycling Resources

  3. Working

    Explore the opportunities and benefits for businesses in Cumberland County.

    1. Agriculture & Land

    2. Bingo Licenses

    3. Career Opportunities

    4. Elected Officials

    5. Volunteer Opportunities

      Get involved in the community as a volunteer.

    6. Recorder of Deeds Fee Schedule

    7. Small Games of Chance Licenses

    8. Municipal Zoning Maps

    9. Courts

    10. Taxes

    11. Public Safety

    12. Economic Development

  4. Visiting

    1. Historical Society

    2. Archives

    3. Water Trails

    4. Library

    5. Tourism

    6. Fishing Licenses

    7. Hunting Licenses

    8. Public Safety

    9. Business Directory

    10. Hotel Tax