Community Support Program

Mission:  The Community Support Program (CSP) seeks to identify and help in the development of programs to address major community needs within Cumberland County.

Process:  Requests for consideration of support can be in the form of convening stakeholders to improve coordination of efforts, as well as financial and in-kind contributions.  CSP utilizes a community-based needs assessment methodology to define priority areas of need and applies best practices to administering the program to provide essential resources that enhance positive outcomes to the local community.

Awards will be made at County's discretion and the County is not obligated to make any awards, nor use any specific level of available funding or in-kind support if it does not, in its estimation, receive proposals suitable for awards. CSP awards are designed to support projects over a period of 12 months from the date of the award. 

Oversight & Responsibilities
  • CSP Advisory Group is comprised of the County's Chief Operations Officer and representatives from Finance, Controller's Office, and two At Large community members.
  • Administration & Accountability 
    • Administers application process
    • Reviews & evaluates applications 
    • Recommends awards to the Board of Commissioners for approval
    • Ensures use of best practices for administration and monitors progress, reviews reports, conducts quarterly reviews
    • Annual program review  
Funding & Support 
  • Contingent upon County's budget
  • Consideration for requests 
    • $150.00-$200,000 for FY2016-2017
    • Affordable & Sustainable
    • In-kind support 
    • Can be provided to a single or multiple projects to cover expenses over the cost of 2016 at the County's discretion.
    • Funding awards can be made at a wide variety of levels, small to large, at the County's discretion.
    • Logistical support - County facilities and resources may be made available to groups as their total award, or combined with other award elements.
    • Convening support - County officials may be made available to promote programs and/or help convene community resources in support of a project as their total award, or combined with other award elements.  
    • Technical Support - County staff may be made available to serve as consultant resources in support of a project either as their total award, or combined with other award elements.