Look at me now!  Transitions "Graduates"


“I was welcomed at Transitions by many of the staff from the first night I arrived. The staff has been so pleasant and helpful. They have made me feel so comfortable. The staff has been a great encouragement for me to get home and pick up where I left off.”

-Elizabeth Szablewski




“As a native of Carlisle, my earlier impressions of Claremont did not encourage me to come here for rehabilitation. I came to Transitions at Claremont and found the care and atmosphere to be very good for my recovery from surgery.”

-Nancy George


“The staff treat me well, I have no complaints. During the day or at night the staff answered my call bell quickly. My room has always been clean, my bed is made and the staff clear off my bedside table to make space for me every day.”  -Louree Blaine  11/24/15

“I would highly recommend Transitions. I have had great care. The staff are wonderful and respectful. When the hospital said 'Nursing Home,' I thought it would not be a fit for my age. I came here and found it to be clean and the staff are very friendly.”   -J.E.K.  11/30/15

 “I have told everyone that if I ever had to be a in a Short Term Rehab again I would come back. The therapy group was great, I couldn’t have asked for better.”  -Jean 12/16/15

“I had great care; the staff was kind and nice. Food was good; if you didn’t want what they had you had other choices. I thought it was nice to have the staff invite us to join activities. We are all on this unit for the same reason, we are not around very ill residents. If I would need rehab again I would come back.” -P.A. 12/31/15

Therapy Room on Transitions

therapy room

“On November 5th of 2015 I went for surgery on my hip, I had complications. I had to pick an inpatient rehab for recovery. Since my husband Chuck was also a resident of Claremont Nursing and Rehab I picked the Transitions section of Claremont. I made the best choice. My transitions from surgery, rehab then to home was exceptional. The nursing staff met my needs. As far as Physical Therapy I had the best from transport, Occupational and Physical therapy to get on the road to recovery.  I was pleased with the room I was in and the staff matched me up with a wonderful roommate who also had surgery.

Housekeeping kept the room and bathroom clean and was friendly and pleasant to everyone. In Transitions you have your own dining area, the meals were delicious, and the staff was wonderful. Activities were appropriate being away from home for the holidays- this was my second home. It was great. If anyone needs to be in rehab I would suggest Claremont. The staff made it possible for me and my husband (who has been there 2 yrs.) to have lunch and supper with me in Transitions. Well, after 2 months I am home. I want to thank all of you for taking the best care of me.”   -Blanche Sharpe, 1/18/16

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“My therapy has been great. Staff are wonderful. I haven’t met anyone I dislike. My brother came to visit and he said that this is a nice clean facility. If I became permanently disabled, I would come here. The rooms are big and there is space for anything you need. I came here with very little and the staff saw to it that I could borrow some things until my family brought my clothes from home.”   -Christine Kutz,  2/3/16

“When I first arrived, my food needed to be cut up. When I could have a regular diet, the food tasted good. The therapists have been A-1. I was not familiar with Claremont before I arrived, but I had the impression that it was called the poor house. Since I have been here, I can see that it is very modern. “ -Kenneth Myers, 2/23/16

“When we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised. We applied to three places from the hospital. Two places were full, there was a vacancy here and we were told to grab it. The rooms were nice, service has been good and better than other places we applied. One of my friends told me that Claremont was called the poor house 25 years ago. I told him that I had heard that, but we have been very pleased with Claremont.”  -J.W. 2/23/16

“It was very nice here, I can’t complain about anything. I have been in the older section of Claremont to hear music on Mondays. This new part is very nice. When I was in the hospital, I asked the nurses where to go for therapy. The nurses suggested Claremont, so I thought I would try it out.”  -Dorothy Lamason, 2/23/16

“What I liked most about Claremont was how helpful, attentive and considerate the Nursing & Therapy staff have been. You can ask anyone for help at Claremont and they are generous with their time.”  -Velma Jerome, 2/29/16

“I was surprised that Claremont has a Therapy unit. Everything was really nice. The staff has been good, taking care of me. Don the RN took very good care of my Medical needs, he was always on time. The therapists were very helpful, I would say that all of the staff was good.” -Anna Thumma, 4/16/16

“I really liked the therapy here. I felt they were caring and looking out for my welfare. The doctors visited me several times. It was nice that they have a portable phone for us to use. It is convenient that I could have a meal in my room, so that my visitor could stay with me at meal time. It was nice that there are activities available if you choose to participate. It is also nice that there is no charge for laundry. The staff is very friendly and helpful. It is a nice location; it is easy for visitors to go get whatever we need. The main reason I chose this is because it is a separate unit for rehab, from the rest of the nursing residents.”  -T.M., 4/21/16

​"Thanks to the work of Transitions, my Dad has been able to add his beloved swimming activities to his weekly Calendar! He is swimming three times a week and as you can tell from his expression he is loving life! Thanks again for a great job!"  -
Nancy Hahn, 6/23/16

Charles Byerly  2

“Before I came, I knew of the place, but had no experience with it. When I was admitted, it was a little rough [problems sleeping]. I have to say that the RN staff is super, all of them. They mean an awful lot to me. I am glad I got to know them. This place is much needed after a hospital stay.”  -Robert Weaver, 8/12/16​

“Transitions is very clean, everyone is nice. They took good care of me and my sister. Food has been good. Therapy here is good, I do not have a bad word to say about the place.”  -Naomi Gross, 9/23/16

“Everyone here has been nice. The food was exceptionally good. The Therapy girls were good with me and the other residents. They have taken good care of my sister also. If I had to go to Rehab again, I would ask to come here.”  
-Pauline Myers, 9/23/16 

​"Dear Mr. Ritter,
​I am writing this letter to let you know how my stay at Claremont's Transitions was for the three weeks that I was there.  The entire staff there, from the dietary personnel, to the aides, to the nurses, to the activities staff, to the therapy staff, the secretaries and social service (Jodi) made my whole convalescing time go by with grace and speed.  The whole nursing staff including all three shifts and the weekend staff and the housekeeping staff made the time go by fast and helped to speed up the want to get well in me to get better and go home.  For all of the gracious care and love that the staff gave me, I am giving them a big THANK YOU and a lot of love.  I feel this is a normal thing for them to do because I seen it not only with me but also with the other residents that were there while I was Claremont; for them to be as loving and caring as they can be to the residents that live and re cooperate there and to be as friendly with the families also coming and going is a real treat to see and experience.  So, I just wanted you to know that it was a great treat and with a lot of admiration that I am sending this letter to you so you are aware of the great staff you have on Transitions and also throughout the facility as the best staff around in Carlisle.  Yours Sincerely,   Juanita K. Lehman.