Participant Q&A Submissions

Questions regarding the RFP or Application process can be submitted via email to or by using the online form to Submit a Question.

Q   Is the online CSP Application where our entire proposals are to be submitted? There are strict limitations on text. The RFP states that the Proposal can be up to ten pages which is necessary to provide adequate details on our proposal. "Proposals should be submitted to the site in .pdf format". - please clarify.

A  The entire proposal, CSP Application (fillable pdf) plus applicable supporting documents, can either be emailed to or submitted online using the CSP Application Submission Form. We can accept multiple files and multiple file formats, but PDF is preferred. The online form provides an option to convert files to PDF.

Q     Would you like see letters of support along with the three personal references?

A     Letters of support are fine and can be included in the addenda.

Q     Can an agency submit more than one proposal?

A      Yes, groups can submit more than one proposal.

Q     Is the intent to bring a multi (three) year project to the proposal that would include the three year cost – or is the expectation that the RFP will be open for next year to re-submit for year 2 (and 3 thereafter)?

A     The latter

Q    Would it be acceptable to propose a three-year proposal, and offer two options in the proposal – one that used a three year model with the first year being the focus for funding (the other two years would be applied for in the future), and a scaled down model that would encompass all three years in the cost?

A     Better to go with the scaled down one year version. Mention can be made of a longer term project, but our concept at this point is get funded for a single year project that can show results, see how it goes, reapply for subsequent year support.

Q     1. Can you help us differentiate what you are looking for in Question #1 verses Question #2? Is your expectation that Question 2 addresses outcomes and goals only and is in a narrative format? Are there any page limits to Question 1 and Question 2?

A     Yes - Q1 is the description of the project overall and may touch on outcomes/goals and should be in narrative. Q 2 should focus in detail on outputs, outcomes and goals - can be in narrative or formula like presentation.

Q     2. Question #3 – how or should in-kind be represented on the budget? If the project has multiple pieces with multiple collaborators, do you want to see one consolidated budget or a separate budget for each of the pieces? A 1 page pdf is a limiting factor.

A     In kind can be a separate line item with a $0 amount. Can the form handle that? If not, they can state in in the narrative or as an addendum