Frequently Asked Questions

Q         Who is eligible?

A          Any individual, organization or groups/coalitions involved in workforce development in Cumberland County that has a project within the scope of the CSP workforce development guidelines. Project must seek to improve Workforce Development outcomes primarily in Cumberland County consideration will be given to proposals that involve workers from other Counties, and employers with sites in and outside of Cumberland County, as long as the primary emphasis of the proposed project is on Cumberland County workforce development outcomes. Program guidelines can be found online at

Q         When are applications due?

A          The cutoff for applications is June 7, 2016 - 4:30 p.m. 

Q         What are the proposal requirements?


  • Proposals should be submitted in pdf format via the web portal at
  • Proposal narrative can be no more than 10 pages based on a standard page size with 1 inch margins on the top and sides; text no smaller than 11 pt. font Calibri.
  • Narrative should be structured as follows:
    • Organizational qualifications in targeted area of need, including overall program logic model
    • Description of specific project being proposed
    • Well defined outputs, outcomes
    • Explanation of resources required to meet project goals
    • Narrative should follow a specific project program logic model – how your resources produce outputs; how your outputs produce outcomes
    • Key metrics to evaluate performance
    • Budget summary (CSP will provide standard budget sheet for bidders to complete)
    • Project plan and timetable
    • Identified criteria and measures needed for success
    • Reporting – what you propose to report on every quarter in 5 pages or less.
    • 5 additional pages may be used for graphics, data tables and other visual aids if referenced within the narrative, numbered and placed at the end of the narrative in Appendix 1
    • Up to an additional 5 pages may be used for project budget details if referenced within the narrative and placed after Appendix 1 as Appendix 2

Q         What supporting documents are required? Please indicate if you are unable to submit any of the requested supporting documents and why.


  • At least 3 references that are relevant to workforce developments efforts you’ve been involved with in the past
  • Applicable past project experiences, a combination of at least 3 specific projects or ongoing activities, that demonstrate competence in Workforce Development
  • Copies of legal and financial documentation
    • Charter
    • By-Laws
    • IRS status
    • Licensure, certification
    • Insurance coverage
    • Audited financial statements

Q         Why must the project proposal apply a specific program logic model?

A          The purpose in requiring applications to define a program logic model as part of their proposal is to help the County assess whether your proposal has the potential to achieve a beneficial result and thereby qualify for support.  Program logic models are a succinct way to summarize what you hope to achieve, how you will do so, what resources you’ll need, and what difference it will make to the community.  Stakeholders need to define how the resources needed for their projects will produce relevant outputs; and how the outputs produce outcomes that advance the cause of workforce development in Cumberland County.   The following link provides information on program logic models.

Q         How are project applications submitted to CSP for consideration?

A          The County has set up a web based application process.  To access the online web portal visit  Please contact the Commissioners’ Office at 717.240.6150 should you have any concerns with electronic submissions.  Applications must be submitted by the close of business on June 7, 2016.  A pre-response conference call will be held on May 20, 2016 at 10:00 a.mTo pre-register for the pre-response conference call, email Please use the website link above for more detailed information on the CSP processes, including pre-application; review and award; project launch; monitoring and reporting; and project close-out.

Q         When will the CSP grants be awarded?

A          CSP awards are expected to be July 1, 2016.  Awards are intended to support work over a period of 12 months from the date of the award.  

Q         Is a project eligible for multi-year funding if the project proposal requires more than 12 months to demonstrate any degree of success or merit?

A          Only projects that demonstrate the ability to achieve some level of desired results within the 12 month support cycle will be considered.  Bidders should not submit proposals for multi-year support.  Proposals for projects requiring significant capital outlays in the first 12 months and ongoing maintenance costs beyond that timeframe will not be considered.  Projects that achieve objectives for their initial 12 month period of support and are deemed suitable for continued support may apply for additional support in subsequent CPS cycles.

Q         How will proposals be evaluated and awards made? 

A          The CSP Advisory Group, consisting of County staff and Community stakeholders will review and assess all proposals based on how well they align with the guidelines for the program.  Proposals will be evaluated based on the completeness of the application, compliance with RFP instructions, relevance to the goals of CSP regarding workforce development, quality of the program logic model, cost-effectiveness regarding use of County support, and the chances of the project to successfully achieve the outcomes it sets forth.  

Q         What specific aspects of workforce development would the CSP consider supporting? 

A          Meetings with stakeholders defined the following areas of workforce development as relevant to its objectives.  However, please don’t limit yourself to this list.  You are encouraged to think outside the box, but within the box of workforce development related issues:

  • Support for broader cooperation/contact between vo-tech and businesses
  • General educational effort to upgrade image of vo-tech, downplay “college only”
  • General educational effort to popularize concepts of careers and transferable skills
  • Support for early childhood career awareness through parents, schools
  • Support for expanded recruitment of students to vo-tech programs
  • Support for expanded “soft skills” training

Q         Can bidders partner with other organizations to submit proposals? 

A          The CSP absolutely encourages workforce development stakeholders to collaborate with other WFD providers and related organizations in developing proposals that seek County support.  The CSP will look very favorably on proposals that link different organizations in a unified effort to improve WFD outcomes in the County.  Conversely, proposals that ignore opportunities for collaboration and integration in favor of narrow group interests will have to prove that such approaches will produce better results than more broad based efforts.   The only requirement for multi-group proposals is that a single integrated proposal be submitted.   

Q         If I received a grant from the County for work in areas other than workforce development in the past, am I eligible for this cycle of CSP support? 

A          Yes, if the project relates to workforce development.  Applicants can apply year-to-year.    

Q         If I received a grant from the County for work in areas other than workforce development in the past, and I don’t have a project that relates to workforce development, how can I apply for County support?

A          Requests for support outside the scope of this year’s Community Support Program funding cycle should be directed to Sandy Moyle, Deputy Chief Clerk, Commissioners’ Office of Cumberland County.