Yellow Breeches Ambassador Program

We hope you enjoy your days on the Yellow Breeches Creek Water Trail. Keeping this resource open to the public through designated access points will require all of us to respect the resource and abide by some simple but critical rules of etiquette and safety.

The Yellow Breeches Creek Water Trail Ambassador Program is an initiative undertaken by various partners including the Yellow Breeches Watershed Association, Messiah College, Cumberland County, Lower Allen Township, Monaghan Township and Upper Allen Township to promote stewardship of the resource in order to ensure that the public has suitable access to the water trail in the future. You can help by abiding by water trail rules and volunteering to help in this stewardship effort.

Volunteers work to preserve and protect the natural and man-made resources in the watershed. We thank all of the local governments, institutions and private entities participating in this effort. If you have questions or wish to volunteer to help please contact the Ambassador Program Coordinator, Dennis Auker at or 717-697-9344.

Water Trail Rules...

Respect Private Property
Do not enter property not designated for public use.

Respect Posted Rules
Please observe all posted rules at all access points.

Alcohol Consumption
Alcohol is not permitted at designated access points. Intoxication on waterways leads to poor judgment and increased risk of drowning. Be smart!

No Littering or Dumping - Leave No Trace  Volunteers work hard during clean-ups to keep the Breeches clean and safe for your use.

Final Rule – Have a Fun and Safe Day!
Please use good judgment and wear a personal safety floatation device (PFD) when boating. Remember, you enter the water at your own risk. Minimize your risk by reviewing the safety tips listed in the Yellow Breeches Creek Water Trail Map and Guide.