1. Health & Human Services

    1. 12-Step Support Groups

      Local 12-Step Support Groups

    2. Aging & Community

    3. Children & Youth

    4. Crisis Intervention

      Crisis Intervention

    5. Drug & Alcohol Case Management

    6. Drug & Alcohol Local Treatment

      Local Drug & Alcohol Treatment services

    7. Early Intervention

    8. Mental Health

    9. Nursing

    10. Rehabilitation

    11. Student Assistance Program

      Drug and Alcohol Student Assistance Program (SAP)

    12. Substance Abuse Prevention

      Substance Abuse Prevention

    13. Transportation

    14. Vector Control

  2. Licensing

    1. Bingo

    2. Dog

      Get information required to get a dog license in Cumberland County.

    3. Firearms

    4. Fishing

    5. Marriage

      Download marriage license forms and information.

    6. Small Games of Chance

    7. Sportsmen & Hunting

  3. Public Records & Documents Online

    Access public records and documents available online.

  4. Fraud & Abuse Hotline

    Help bring an end to fraud and abuse.

  5. Jury Services

    Trial by jury is a fundamental part of the American system of justice, and is a right guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Pennsylvania.

  6. Taxes

    Stay up to date with tax information for the county.

    1. Property Assessment

    2. Property Mapping

    3. Tax Claims Bureau

  7. Mapping Services

    The GIS department works with multiple County departments and municipalities to generate and publish maps online.

  8. Voter Services

    Find information about registering to vote, and where to cast your vote.

    1. Absentee Ballots

      Download absentee ballot applications and view the deadlines for applying and returning ballots.

    2. Election Calendar

      View important dates to remember for the election.

    3. Polling Places

      Find out where to go to vote in your area.

    4. Voter Registration

      Download an application to vote and view the different ways to vote.

    5. Volunteer Opportunities

      Find out how to become a volunteer at the polls on election day.

    6. Voter Identification

      Get current information on Voter ID requirements.

  9. Website Features

    Tools and resources on

    1. Alert Center

      Sign up to receive alerts from the county.

    2. Document Center

      Repository of all website documents and forms

    3. Social Media

      Get connected using your favorite social media platform