Commission for Women

The Cumberland County Commission for Women, a volunteer organization, welcomes you to our website.


  • Enable women to develop their skills and continue their education.
  • Build key partnership with key organizations to promote women's issues.
  • Provide professional development training and networking opportunities for women.
  • Support municipal, county and government organizations.
  • Support women in politics and through the election process.

Mission Statement

The Cumberland County Commission for Women (CCCW) seeks to increase opportunities for Cumberland County women and girls by identifying and promoting awareness of pertinent issues.

Connect with the CCCW Online

The Cumberland County Commission for Women is now blogging and is on Facebook:


The Cumberland County Board of Commissioners announced the formation of the CCCW on December 13, 1999. The CCCW was formalized in 2001. The Commission has a board of 25 members and meets quarterly. Explore our History Timeline (PDF).

Become a Member

The Commission is always looking for new members. Our only requirements are that you are:
  • A resident of Cumberland County
  • Willing to volunteer your time and participate actively in the Commission's work to increase opportunities for women and girls in Cumberland County
We are a nonpartisan organization that works on a number of women's issues.

Please contact Jeanette Diamond or Roxanne Lehman via email to find out how you can help. The application process is simple. Please click on the following link and download our member introduction sheet (DOC) which you can fill out electronically, save and attach to your email inquiry. If you prefer, you can attach a resume instead.

We can also send you a new member introduction sheet to fill out if you would prefer. Please include your mailing address in your inquiry or ask us to email it to you as an attachment.

We look forward to hearing from you!