Annual Report

The purpose of our Annual Report is to provide information about the scope of public-funded drug and alcohol programming for our two-county area.  Each Annual Report includes an overview of our service system, service highlights for the fiscal year, a breakdown of program expenditures and revenue, and a description of client characteristics.  

Annual Reports are primarily geared to the citizens of Cumberland and Perry Counties.  It is your tax dollars that pay for these services.  Many of our friends, neighbors and family members may have started the difficult and lifelong process of recovery through treatment services purchased by the Cumberland-Perry Drug and Alcohol Commission.  In addition, many children from our communities have benefited from Commission-funded prevention services.  These are the kinds of programs that are summarized in the Annual Report.

Visit the Document Center to read or download a copy of previous years' Annual Reports. If you have any questions about information in these reports or about local drug and alcohol services, please call us at 717-240-6300.