Outpatient Treatment Services

Outpatient treatment services include evaluations as well as individual and/or group counseling programs which are set up to serve individuals with substance abuse problems as well as their families. 

These services are designed to:
  • Intervene in problems related to alcohol or other drug use/abuse (including underage drinking and driving under the influence)
  • Provide treatment services in circumstances that do not require inpatient care
  • Provide counseling and support for family members and others adversely affected by alcohol- and other drug-related problems 
  • Provide continuing care for individuals completing inpatient treatment 
  • In addition, outpatient treatment providers may serve as the starting point for referrals to inpatient care (for clients not requiring detoxification).
For a list of all licensed substance abuse treatment providers in Pennsylvania, visit the Department of Drug & Alcohol Program's D&A Treatment Locator page.  Listings specifically for Cumberland and Perry counties are also available.  A second resource is SAMHSA's Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator, a national directory, that also includes a link to the facility's website.