1. Administration & Finance

    1. Archives

      Find archival records information from various County offices.

    2. Board of Commissioners

      Under Pennsylvania County Code, the Board of Commissioners is responsible for implementing the county's budget as well as overseeing contracts and expenditures.

    3. Bureau of Elections

      Find election dates and candidate and voter information.

    4. Communications Office

    5. Controller

      View information about the fiscal affairs of the County.

    6. Enterprise Resource Planning

      View information about Lawson, security, and committees of ERP.

    7. Facilities Management

      Learn about the services and responsibilities provided for County facilities.

    8. Finance / Purchasing

      View responsibilities of the financial management department.

    9. Geographic Information Systems

    10. Human Resources

      Find career opportunities and view resources for current employees.

    11. Information Management Technology Office

      Find information about County technology.

    12. Open Records Office

    13. Property Assessment

    14. Recorder of Deeds

      View permanent public records from 1750 to today.

    15. Tax Claims Bureau

    16. Treasurer

      View information about licenses and hotel taxes.

  2. Agriculture, Development & Planning

    1. Agricultural Land Preservation Board

      The purpose of the Agricultural Conservation Easement Program is to protect viable agricultural lands by acquiring agricultural conservation easements that prevent the development or improvements of land for any purpose other than agricultural production.

    2. Conservation District

      Conservation District is responsible for administering soil and water conservation programs in Cumberland County.

    3. Housing & Redevelopment Authority

      The Housing and Redevelopment Authorities of the County of Cumberland were formed in 1975 to expand affordable housing opportunities and to provide support to municipalities in undertaking community development projects.

    4. Penn State Cooperative Extension

      Penn State Cooperative Extension in Cumberland County gives local residents easy access to the resources and expertise of the Pennsylvania State University.

    5. Planning

      Responsibilities of the Planning Department include, Municipal Zoning Maps, Open Space, Greenways and Parks.

  3. Courts & Criminal Justice

    1. Adult Probation and Parole

    2. Clerk of Courts

    3. Clerk of Orphans' Court

    4. Coroner

    5. Court Administrator

    6. Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)

    7. District Attorney

    8. Divorce Master

    9. Domestic Relations

    10. Juvenile Probation

    11. Magisterial District Courts

    12. Prison

    13. Prothonotary

    14. Public Defender

    15. Register of Wills

    16. Sheriff

    17. Warrant Collections Unit

  4. Emergency Services

    1. Crime Stoppers

      Read about crimes that Police are looking for help to solve.

    2. Department of Public Safety

      Learn about emergency preparedness, weather emergencies and homeland security.

  5. Health & Human Services

    1. Aging & Community Services

      Find resources for persons of all ages, especially those over the age of 60 and/or with disabilities.

    2. Children & Youth Services

      Find out how this office protects and advocates for the children and youth in our community.

    3. Claremont Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

      Find information about visiting hours and the community of care offered.

    4. Commission for Women

      The Cumberland County Commission for Women (CCCW) seeks to increase opportunities for Cumberland County women and girls by identifying and promoting awareness of pertinent issues.

    5. Cumberland Link

      Find resources on aging and disabilities.

    6. Drug & Alcohol Commission

      Find resources for publicly-funded substance abuse services.

    7. Library System

    8. Mental Health, Intellectual & Develop. Dis.

      Find resources for those with persistent mental illnesses or intellectual & developmental disabilities.

    9. Recycling & Waste

      Learn about the services provided through the Recycling and Waste Division.

    10. Transportation

      Find out how to sign up for transportation to health services.

    11. Vector Control / Weights & Measures

      Find out how the County controls pests and measuring devices.

    12. Veterans' Affairs

      Obtain information about Veteran's benefits.

  6. County Directory

    Alphabetical listing of County offices and departments