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Mission Statement
The mission of the Office of the Sheriff is to enforce court orders issued from the Cumberland County Court of Common Pleas and to maintain peace throughout the county by enforcement of the Commonwealth's : Crimes Code, Vehicle Code, and the Pennsylvania Rules of Court.

In Memory of Corporal William Cline

View the Qualifications for a Deputy Sheriff.

The Sheriff's Office is responsible for a number of functions, including:
  • Service and enforcement of court orders, writs of summons, complaints, money judgments and injunctions
  • Conducting Real Estate Sales
  • Issuing Licenses to Carry Concealed Firearms, Licenses to Sell Firearms and Licenses to Sell Precious Metals
  • Service of warrants issued by the courts
  • Providing security to county properties and to the courts
  • Provide safe and secure transportation of prisoners for court appearances
  • Enforce violations of the PA Crimes and Vehicle Code
  • Provide law enforcement assistance and support to other law enforcement agencies
  • Provide education, assistance and awareness to the public through community service programs
More Information
Visit the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) website for their Victim Notification Program to obtain reliable information regarding a criminal alien's release from custody.