Mental Health / Intellectual & Developmental Dis. 

16 W. High St.
Ste. 301
Carlisle, PA 17013



The Program Office develops, implements, funds, and administers a full range of services to persons with mental disabilities who live within the two-county area. In addition, the Program Office provides information and referral services to the general public.

Senior Management Staff 

Carlisle, PA 17013

Name Title Email Phone
Herman, Silvia, MPsSC MH . IDD Program Administrator / MH Director 717.240.6320
Carbaugh, Sue, MSW IDD Director 717.240.6320
McCulloch, Linda P., BS Fiscal Officer 717.240.6320
Kessler, Trudy Administrative Supervisor 717.240.6320

Specialized Managers 

Carlisle, PA 17013

Name Title Email Phone
Strite, Annie, BS CHIPP Coordinator 717.240.6320
Tolan, Robin, BS MH QA Coordinator 717.240.6320
Johnston, Megan, BS CASSP Coordinator 717.240.6320
Gettle, Shelly, BS IDD Program Specialist 717.240.6320
Dague, Melissa, BA IDD Program Specialist 717.240.6320
Yingling, Jaime, MS IDD Program Specialist 717.240.6320

IDD Base Service Unit Supervisory Staff 

Carlisle, PA 17013

Name Title Email Phone
Evans, Mark, BS SCO Director 717.240.6320
Clifton, Rachael, MSW Supervisor 717.240.6320
Line, Emily, MSW Supervisor 717.240.6320
Reed, Amy, BA Early Intervention Coordinator 717.240.6320
Holland, Theresa, BSS Supervisor 717.240.6320
Swartz, Amy, BA Early Intervention Supervisor 717.240.6320