Domestic Relations


13 N. Hanover St.
P.O. Box 320
Carlisle, PA 17013



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 888.697.0371 x 6225

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Name Title Email Phone
Goshorn, Frank B. Director    
Moul, Todd A. Assistant Director  
Carothers, IV, Charles C. Finance & Administration Manager  
Gibboney, Jennifer L. Program Manager  
Snyder, Lorin A. Staff Attorney  
Hatch, David C. APL / Spousal Conference Officer  
Spagnuolo, Michael J. Conference Officer  
Correll, Timothy J. Conference Officer  
Ickes, Amy L. Conference Officer  
Killinger, Brent O. Conference Officer  
Snyder, Eli P. Conference Officer  
Houser, Scott J. Conference Officer  
Wilburne, Kathryn L. Conference Officer  
Grace, William S. Chief Enforcement Officer  
Randalls, Jason A. Enforcement Officer  
Cohick, Seldon S. Enforcement Officer  
Keck, Rebeccah L. Intake/ UIFSA Enforcement Officer  
Maus, Chelsea M. Intake / UIFSA Enforcement Officer  
Bush, Meghan L. Intake / UIFSA Enforcement Officer  
Ellis, Michelle A. PACSES Administrator  
Hair, Joy C. PACSES / IRS Coordinator  
Hinson, Beverly J. Executive Secretary  
Miller, Donna L. Assistant to Charles Carothers  
Ryan, Angela S. Assistant to Staff Attorney  
Bier, Julie M. Assistant to Kathryn Wilburne / Lien Search  
Shughart, Arica L. Assistant to Michael Spagnuolo  
Carey, Vickie A. Assistant to Amy Ickes  
Sanno, Denise L. Assistant to Brent Killinger  
Manley, Erica L. Assistant to David Hatch  
Geiler, Lisa L. Assistant to Scott Houser/Genetic Testing  
Derr, Kelli S. Assistant to Eli Snyder  
Jones, Cheryl T. Receptionist    
Ferguson-Weaver, Jerry L. Receptionist    
Innes, Jessica I. Receptionist    
Lawrence, Jeff R. Support Master    
Bucher, Jan L. Support Master Court Reporter